Clinical Trials in NACI

clincal trialsOne of NACI’s ultimate goals is bringing better treatments to patients. As such, clinical trials are a vital element of the Institute’s organization.

One of the core components of NACI is our Clinical Trials Consulting Team. This team, led by trialists Cathie Spino, ScD and Deb Gipson, MD, MS, supports the development and/or review of glomerular disease clinical trials. Please click here to learn more about the team and services we provide.

Once a trial is developed, there are advantages to partnering with NACI for clinical trials implementation. Our experienced team understands the importance of efficient trial launch and successful completion within a reasonable time frame. The NACI Trials Network implements strategic advantages to achieve this objective including

  1. Use of a single reliance IRB for Network projects
  2. Use of umbrella master contract with project riders, improving efficiency of Network projects launch
  3. Partnerships with a wide-variety of research experienced Nephrology Centers located in community practices, hospital-based practices or academic medical centers in communities with an interest and commitment to improving health care of individuals with kidney disease. To see our current Network sites, click here.