Common Clinician Questions

What are the criteria for becoming a Care Network Center? Is there a formal selection process?

Nephrology practices submit an application to be considered as a Care Network Center. The application process is competitive.  Centers will be selected based on defined criteria which include commitment of the institution and nephrology practice clinicians to participate in the Care Network, willingness of the Center clinical champion to participate in development of network metrics, facilitate engagement with institutional electronic health record data access, data sharing, and patient enrollment. Care Network Centers will be required to utilize a Reliance IRB located at the University of Michigan to improve efficiency in network initiation and operations, and meet a designated enrollment goal.  Each Care Network site is required to maintain a site clinician champion, a network coordinator and programmer for electronic health record data extraction and submission.


What if there is a Care Network Center in my city and I am not part of it?

Is there incentive for me to get involved much less send patients there?  The Center may expand and/or collaborate with other nephrology practices within the local community with the goal of becoming a community-supported resource.  It is likely that these centers will support educational events for the medical and patient communities beyond the network. In the future, these Centers may host clinical trials or other research that is of interest to you and your patients making referral for study participation an option.


How can I collaborate with a Care Network Center?

Volunteer. Contact us to find out more about how to work with the Center near you.


Will these Centers recruit for Clinical Trials?

These Centers are planning to be clinical trial centers. Information will be shared when clinical trials are available.