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Patients and their families are valued partners with NACI.  Please click here to learn about what the NephCure Accelerating Cures Institute means for you!

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What is iNSider?
iNSider is an online shared learning program for adults with nephrotic syndrome, parents of children with nephrotic syndrome, and their healthcare teams.

iNSider was developed with direction from patients and families to improve the quality of health information about nephrotic syndrome. Physicians, nurses and dieticians helped to assure the information is accurate.

You can explore individualized educational material about treatments, self-management strategies, log and print questions for your next nephrology visit, and invite your provider(s) to sign up for the tool.

If both you and your provider(s) sign up, they can input up-to-date treatments, suggest readings, and respond to your questions, all within the tool.

How do I get started?
Create an account at

Fill out the survey. This helps individualize the educational material to your specific situation.

Invite your doctor to participate.

Follow the bicycle path to see your journey.

Read the educational content and patient stories.

Review the frequently asked questions, and write your own questions. You can print these out to take with you to your doctor’s office or if your doctor is participating, they can answer them directly through iNSider

Click here see the complete brochure and learn more about iNSider.